AGE PROTECT - Multi-Action Fluid

AGE PROTECT - Multi-Action Fluid

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what's used for?


Wrinkles, Firmness, Blue light protection

Prevents and corrects signs of aging
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, combats loss of firmness and lack of plumpness, helps prevent dark spots and restores skin vitality and radiance.
Protects the skin
The skin is protected from pollution and harmful effects from blue light, thanks to BLB*.
Tightens pores
AHA, Rose fruit extract & Cellulose for a mattifying, purifying effect and an increased pore tightening action.

appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Skin firmness : +168%

Brown spot intensity : -72%

Complexion radiance: +180%

Tightened pores: 84%
Mattified skin : 92%



 - Uriage Thermal Water

- BLB (blue light protection patent of URIAGE)

- Plant gums

- Retinol, VLMW* Hyaluronic Acid, Dragon's Blood**, Vitamins C and E

- AHA, Rose Fruit extracts & Cellulose


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