BARIÉDERM - Hand Cream

BARIÉDERM - Hand Cream

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Insulating Repairing Hand Cream

Bariéderm Hand Cream is a real barrier cream, it soothes, softens and nourishes very dry hands that are exposed to daily aggressions and chemical products. It is non-sticky, quickly absorbed, invisible on application, and water resistant. 

Isolates and protects
The combination of two polymers provides an isolating action on the surface while helping to fight against future aggression.
Manuka honey limits the risk of bacterial proliferation.
It is rich in Uriage Thermal Water and soothes the weakened epidermis.



- Uriage Thermal Water

- Poly-2P patented complex

- Phytosqualanes

- Glycerin

- Manuka honey


Fragrance free


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