DEPIDERM Anti-Brown Spot Targeted Care 15ml

DEPIDERM Anti-Brown Spot Targeted Care 15ml

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Anti-brown spot Intensive Concentrate

This product is ultra concentrated in anti-brown spot active ingredients to effectively correct local brown spots by greatly reducing their size and intensity.

Corrects local brown spots
With Cx complex, an ultra concentrated solution with 20% anti-brown spot, soothing and antioxidant active ingredients, [Pea and sucrose extracts, Vitamin C, Uriage Thermal Water, Enoxolone], it corrects brown spots and evens out pigmentation. It is enriched with AHAs to boost the exfoliation of pigmented epidermal cells.

reduction in brown spot pigmentation and 55% reduction in the size of the brown spot.

* Clinical study conducted under dermatological supervision on 33 volunteers. Twice daily application over 56 days. (1) Instrumental measurement (spectophotometric) (2) Self-evaluation


- Pea extract and sucrose

- Vitamin C

- Uriage Thermal Water

- Enoxolone

- AHAs

- Fragrance-free

- Excellent tolerance

- Hypoallergenic


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