DÉPIDERM - Brightening Cleansing Foam

DÉPIDERM - Brightening Cleansing Foam

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Hygiene skincare for dull and tired complexion

Purifies and illuminates the skin
Its gentle washing base cleanses the skin without causing aggression.
Clarifies the complexion
Its creamy formula clarifies the skin, while preparing it to receive its adapted skincare. The complexion is fresh and clean. It is luminous, even, and like glowing with health.

Rich in Uriage Thermal Water and brightening active ingredients, this creamy foam gently cleanses and purifies the skin, while leaving it fresh and luminous.


- Pea extract and sucrose

- Vitamin C

- Uriage Thermal Water

- Vitamin PP

- Super gentle foaming agents

- Soap-free

- Fragrance-free

- Dermatologically tested


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