EAU THERMALE - Water Eye Contour Cream

EAU THERMALE - Water Eye Contour Cream

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Replenishes the skin's moisture around the eyes

This Water Eye Contour Cream enriched with Uriage Thermal Water helps to rebuild the skin barrier to maintain an optimum moisturization level.
Continuously optimizes the moisturization of the epidermis
Helps to recreate a film on the surface and gradually releases the moisturizing agents contained in the Water Eye Contour Cream.
Restores the skin's barrier effect and limit its dehydration
Acts on the rebuilding of the corneocyte cement to boost moisturization with lasting effects.
Reveals the radiance of the eye area
Its fresh texture instantly illuminates and energizes the eye contour.


- Hydro-Thermal Complex

- Dextran Sulphate

- Hypoallergenic

- Fragrance-free


hydrated skin and reduction in the intensity of dark circles and puffiness


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