ISDIN Micellar Solution

ISDIN Micellar Solution

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ISDIN Micellar Solution


Hydrating Facial Cleansing


Four steps in a single gesture: cleanses, removes makeup, tones and moisturizes

Moisturizing facial cleanser for all skin types


Hydrating Facial Cleansing

ISDIN Micellar Solution 4 in 1 is the first micellar water recommended by professional makeup artists. In a single gesture it removes make-up easily, even the most resistant make-up, cleanses, tones and hydrates in depth, leaving a soft, luminous skin and free of impurities.

With ingredients of natural origin and suitable for sensitive skin, they make ISDIN Micellar Solution the best choice to start any skincare routine


  • Benefits

Gently cleanses the face without altering the skin barrier.

Removes makeup, including water-resistant and long-lasting makeup. 

In a single gesture it leaves the skin of face, eyes and lips toned and moisturized, ready for your daily facial care


  • How to use

Apply mornings and evenings, soaking a cotton pad and gently cleansing the skin of face and neck. Rinse free.


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