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NEOTONE® Radiance SPF 50+, specially developed to correct all types of brown spots and prevent their appearance, offers very high protection combined with an effective anti-brown-spot action! Thanks to its optimal combination of active ingredients, it offers a real protective shield for your skin against the radiation responsible for the appearance of pigmentation spots.



Adapted to sensitive skin, its formula composed of the DEPI- ACT® complex, acting at each stage of the formation of spots, also contains protective active ingredients. NEOTONE® Radiance SPF 50+ offers triple protection against UVA, UVB, blue light, and pollution while effectively reducing brown spots:
- Fractionated melanin that protects against the harmful effects of blue light
- An anti-pollution active ingredient to prevent oxidative stress and protect against external aggressions
- An optimal combination of sun filters with very high UVA (67) and UVB (73) protection, one of the most effective on the market.

How to Use

Apply every morning to the entire face, chest and hands. For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to use it in combination with NEOTONE® Serum or NEOTONE® Sensitive night treatment. For an even and radiant complexion.