XÉMOSE - Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cerat

XÉMOSE - Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cerat

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Soothing Lipid-Replenishing Treatment

Boasting an ultra-rich texture, this product intensely nourishes, protects and instantly soothes itching that causes scratching due to dryness.

Its formula which contains 25% Shea butter, intensely nourishes and brings instant, long-lasting comfort.
Instantly soothes
This treatment brings an instant soothing action, with the patented* Chronoxine.
Brings long-lasting comfort
It has a triple barrier action for long-lasting relief: Cerasterol 2F restores and reinforces the skin barrier, the TLR2-Regul regulates the innate immune barrier and Uriage Thermal Water re-balances the microbial barrier.



- Uriage Thermal Water

- Chronoxine

- Cerasterol 2F

- TLR2 Complex

- 25% Shea butter

- Used for Babies/ Children/ Adults

- Fragrance-free

- Hypoallergenic


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